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Our API makes it easy for developers to send and receive ad-supported SMS messages from any website.

Send Ad-free Messages

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What can you do with Zeep Mobile?

Zeep Mobile is a simple ad-supported SMS API that any web app can use to communicate with its users via SMS—for FREE!

Subscribe users

To send SMS messages to your users, they first need to subscribe. There are a couple of ways to get the job done:

1. With the Zeep Mobile panel

Embed the panel in your site to allow your users to subscribe their phones to receive messages from you.

Zeep Mobile Settings Panel

2. Via SMS

Users can also subscribe by texting "JOIN" to your SMS keyword.

Send SMS messages... anyone who has subscribed to receive them. Ad-supported messages are free to send and are 120 characters long. To send longer, 160 character messages without ads, sign up for an ad-free plan.

Users receive your messages from 88147 with your SMS keyword in front of the message.

Can I send to someone who hasn't subscribed?

Yes, you can send SMS messages to unsubscribed users but only in response to an SMS message they send you first.

Receive SMS messages

Users can send SMS messages to your website by sending a message to 88147 with your SMS keyword as the first word in the message.

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